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Your brand not only reflects who you are, your mission and values, but also dictates what kind of customers you will attract. Your brand is your logo, your tone, messaging and the emotion you evoke. After we get a feel for what you're into, our designers will get to work creating comprehensive branding guidelines that fit your organization's unique aesthetic. We are not one-size fits-all, but customize each brand deliverable for each client.

Innovative + Relevant + Impactful

What we offer is inspiring 

In marketing we call it a 'call-to-action' or CTA and it is any design within your marketing brand that prompts or evokes an immediate response or encourages an immediate sale from your target audience. If your branding is lack luster, confusing or irrelevant, your target customer will not be inspired to buy your products or services.  The key to creating powerful CTAs is to create a compelling story or reasons to purchase your products and services over your competition.


Elements of InTandem's Branding Guides


A full brand audit and strategy session to 'get to know you' and learn about your business, mission & values.


Based on the new determined aesthetic, design a brilliant logo that reflects your company.


We send you all of the different file types and variations of your new logo.


Determine, devise and design your company's color palette, font styles, messaging and tone.


Organize all new branding materials into a comprehensive multi-page, Branding Guide deliverable.


We work with your marketing team or can execute on creating any & all associated marketing collateral.


Cost + Timeline + Deliverables

After our teams meet and uncover what makes your company unique, your dedicated designer will get started creating all of the critical elements you need to launch or relaunch your business. 

InTandem is very strategic in the design phase to ensure all elements of your new brand identity are timeless in order to evolve with you as your business grows.

Your final deliverable is a Branding Guideline Packet complete with—  a full logo set and all associated file types. The package also includes your new color palette, primary and secondary font styles and photo aesthetics for inspiration. All of this is designed to be used in creating any and all future digital and traditional print marketing collateral, including your website, social media profiles,  business cards, brochures, mailers etc.

InTandem's Branding Guidelines Package takes up to 4 weeks at an investment of $1,200

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