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Chafin Realty Client Testimonial

Chafin Realty, Inc

Atlanta's Top Ten Builder

The Challenge:

Even though Chafin Realty is the 9th largest builder in Atlanta and well-known for their quality craftsmanship and 5 star customer satisfaction reviews, their search rankings on Google were low and visitor bounce rates were much too high.

The Solution:

InTandem Digital  consulted with Chafin Realty on how to best optimize their sales funnel and create some value-add content for potential home buyers and site visitors. 


InTandem Digital re-wrote original content for over 40% of the site. We also performed an audit of over 4K site images and meta-tags. Image sizes were optimized for faster site performace and meta-tags and descriptions re-crafted to increase overall site SEO. These  3-month efforts increased Google rankings by 33%. Chafin's bounce rate decreased by 40%.

Client Spotlight: Chafin Realty, Inc: About Us
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