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Lead Designer and Founder of InTandem Digital Consulting

Lead Designer & Founder

InTandem Digital Consulting, LLC

I'm passionate about people and find the most joy in creating and innovating.

I have 25+ years of experience in Marketing and Advertising, spanning across different industries. 15+ years in website design and social media influencing. 

I can beat anyone in a hand-stand-walking contest.

Together, Awe-Inspiring is Possible

Working in tandem with other brilliant entrepreneurs is my favorite past time.

Finding My Way Here

gsu alumni


With Music Producer Jazze Pha in 2006


Early On


I received my  bachelor's degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing from Georgia State University. Go Panthers! I absolutely loved being downtown and feeling the heartbeat of the city walking from class to class. I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the best professors and work on some pretty cool projects early on; like a full marketing plan to increase attendance for the Alliance Theater.

A Music Mogul 

The title hardly describes me LOL, but wow- what an exciting time in my life. I was the Production Coordinator at a recording studio downtown, close to Inman Park and The Old Fourth Ward. I worked for a music producer who mainly helped independent artists take flight, but he also collaborated with the likes of Timbland, Bubba Sparxx and some of the artists from The Dungeon Family- yeah, it was dope. 

I got to hold a walkie-talkie and tell people what to do during our music video shoots, ride in some old, classic cars and meet a lot of hard-working people in the industry. I was responsible for creating all release forms, artist biographies, event invitations, press releases, and discographies. I Influenced over $50K in contracts with US Indoor Advertising, as well as built and maintained various other vendor relationships. I also scheduled all print/broadcast media interviews, travel arrangements, show bookings, and promotional appearances. All-in-all, not a bad gig at all.

Law Firm Marketing Coordinator in 2012


CareerBuilder Diamond Trip Winner in Mexico 2015


CareerBuilder 80's Themed Team Outing in 2014


CareerBuilder Recognition Belt Winner 2013


The Foreclosure Crusade


By far one of the most fulfilling, yet crazier times in my life. I can't say much about it here... I made a pact with an old colleague to write the best-ever, book-turned-reality-TV-show script, telling of the complete oddities of working in this small Buckhead law firm. Spoiler alert: the plot includes some shady characters, some outlandish requests- that were NOT in the job description, mysterious midnight office redecorating and the Washington Post.

Basically, I converted a four-person business and employment law practice, into a 16-person foreclosure defense law firm through the strategic reshaping of the brand portfolio and marketing strategy. The firm grossed over $1 million during my tenure. I assessed firm inefficiencies in order to develop new business and consultation processes, created and managed all content including website, social media, partner press releases, direct mailers and the firm’s solicitation letters. I wrote all original, compelling story pitches for the firm; one in particular received front-page placement and got picked-up by the Associated Press.

Corporate World


An intense, pressure-cooker. Mind-blowing, knowledge consumption. An emotional roller coaster at times and easily, the most important professional experiences and relationships gained. I learned invaluable lessons from so many influential leaders, that I carry with me to this day. Whether it was during board room discussions or presentations filled with innovative perspectives, I was consistently challenged to step out of my comfort zone. I am grateful for that today.

As a CX professional in the SaaS world, I identified process, user experience and product improvement opportunities. Based on end-user sessions, I analyzed client feedback, behaviors, and customer sentiment in order to develop and deliver cost-savings and optimization insights back to the stakeholders. I developed key performance indicators (KPI’s) to drive market fit, measure customer satisfaction, and retention programs. I kept my head down and eyes on the prize. I have been recognized as a top performer within several organizations, a two-time Diamond Club trip winner (Viva la Mexico!) and most importantly try tirelessly to always lift-up and empower those around me.

Today, as a CX Consultant, I evaluate or 're-imagine' small to mid-size level organization's Customer Experience programs. I strategize with the organization's key stakeholders and various department heads to identify gaps in the customer journey. 

Oh, and I like to build whimsical websites that reflect the inner-awesomeness of my clients and their entrepreneurial dreams.

I listen and I create things- super powers, if you will.

founder of intandem digital, julia maldonado


"I look forward to creating something Awe-some together!" - Julia Maldonado

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