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5 Tips for Promoting your Book on Social Media

Whether you like it or not, our generation relies heavily on social media- for ALL things. From sharing family photos and memories with loved ones, to getting our daily news about the world around us or sharing our experiences and product reviews; we are all participating in it. That being said, it would be asinine NOT to promote and market your book via social media.

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The 5 Tips to Promoting Your Book on Social Media

  • Ensure the right social platforms to engage your specific readers and audience

  • Have an overall social strategy- the big picture!

  • Thoughtfully plan and create strategic content

  • Maintain consistency across all social platforms

  • Engage your launch team as social ambassadors

So, let's get started reviewing all five here:

Ensure the right platform to engage potential readers

Would you promote your children's fiction book in an adult's forum called, The Political Aficionado? No (or at least I would hope not). Similarly, you would not ask your older, slightly jaded uncle for a review of your children's fantasy fiction title. The same principles are true when selecting which social platforms in which to market your book.

Do the research to find out which platform is right for you and your book. Not sure where to begin? Check out this blog. We have created a helpful table that breaks down each major social media platform by their audiences socio-demographics data to help you figure out which platforms cater to your reader demographics.

Ensure you have an overall social strategy- the big picture!

Just like everything else in life, how you PLAN initially is detrimental, if not one of the most important tasks that can and will determine success versus failure of your efforts. I always explain to my clients that your overall social strategy should 1) tell a story and 2) show clear evolution. What I mean by this is to ensure you have a beginning, middle and end to the story or message you are trying to get across to your audience.

Start planning early- not two weeks before the book launch BTW! A year ahead of time is great and ideal, but some author's don't have that luxury or time...they are busy writing a book, right? In that case, try to shoot for at least 3-6 months before your launch- at a minimum.

Finally, your overall planning and social strategy should include 3 main goals: 1) create awareness about who you are and what you stand for 2) Establish you as an expert or authority in the subject in which you write about and 3) Promote your book.

Thoughtfully plan and create strategic content

This one is similar to the previous advice in that you MUST BE STRATEGIC! You will not have success, create fans or book sales by haphazardly posting whatever comes to your mind or social postings that lack quality graphics or inaccuracies/errors in them.

In the spirit of telling your overall story to your audience on social or creating that evolution from beginning to end of launch, you want to create specific content or posts in the same way. For example, all early posting content to create awareness about you or your crusade should be clear and have an easy call-to-action for your followers to learn more or visit your website. This early content should be focused on creating curiosity and leaving your audience yearning for more, while later content post's CTAs will specifically be on where to find your book, how to buy your book or leave reviews.

Maintain consistency across all social platforms

Your specific posts may vary slightly across platforms. For instance, your posts will be heavier in graphics and pictures on Instagram, than on Twitter. Even with slightly varied content, you must maintain brand consistency. What I mean by this is your tone or voice in 'how you say things' or message your posts. This also relates to the colors and graphics you use- they should be the same across all platforms and match the branding of your author website.

Finally, your audience, no matter what platform, should be able to easily recognize you and your brand at first sight of landing on your profile. This includes consistent profile and cover photos/logos and consistent profile copy messaging in your About story.

Engage your launch team as social ambassadors

If you have the luxury to have a few people or a whole team behind your new publication, these are likely the same individuals who will also be your social ambassadors- liking, sharing, creating buzz around you and your book on social media.

If you are like most new authors though, you likely do not have a 'launch team'. Have no fear! Think of at least five, but ideally between 10-15 of your closest family, friends or supportive colleagues. Draft up a message on what it is that you are doing and why you need them. Be very clear on exactly what you need from them and keep your message concise and their effort level low. Be sure to include and hit all of these points in your message and request:

  • All info on your book: The title and a brief synopsis. People like to know exactly what they are getting involved with and supporting.

  • What exactly your goal is: To create awareness about your book, promote it across all social/digital channels and to sell your book!

  • What exactly you need from them: Engage with and share all posts and online content about your book to their online network of followers; to actively promote you and your book for a pre-determined and specified time frame.

  • Why you are choosing THEM specifically over others: Tell them what is special about them i.e. they are so active on social or have a great volume of followers or influencers OR they are your BFF and this sort of stuff is just a prerequisite!

I hope this helps you get started on your journey of digitally promoting your book on social media, successfully. For more on Why Use Social Campaigns in your Digital Strategy, check out another one of my blogs here.

Julia Maldonado
Author, Julia Maldonado

Julia Maldonado is the Lead Designer & Founder for InTandem Digital Consulting. She has over 20 years of experience in Marketing, Advertising and Customer Experience spanning across different industries. 10+ years in website design, content writing and social media influencing.

To learn more about Julia, visit her on LinkedIn.

InTandem Digital Consulting provides various digital solutions to small and mid-size businesses. Our portfolio includes: Website Design, Social Media Management and Customer Experience Strategy. Our CX workshops are offered both in-person and virtually.

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