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6 Tips & Tricks to Post-Worthy Pics

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

tips and tricks for social media images

Social media content or posts that contain images have shown 96% more engagement on average.

One of the world's most popular social sites, Instagram, is dedicated solely to photo and video social sharing.

So popular in fact that even Facebook, arguably the largest social media site in the world with 1.9 billion users, couldn't resist the visually appealing app and it's monetary benefits. Facebook purchased IG, after only two years of inception.

Below are some standard photography practices, but we've customized these rules of engagement for the average person with a camera phone. Nowadays, camera phone settings and quality have evolved so much, that you don't necessarily need a fancy DSLR camera to take the best shots. However, you do need to pay close attention to these tips to achieve your overall objective- for your image to influence your audience in such a way that inspires them to engage with your brand, i.e. Like, Comment, Share. Following these tips & tricks will create greater brand awareness, increase followers and ultimately, more loyal consumers.

Photography Tips & Tricks

rule of three for photography

Be intentional about your Subject- This refers to the primary thing or person you are photographing. Now, a photo can have several different subjects, but the key here is to focus in on one primary subject that you want your audience to pay attention to. This means both positioning that one primary subject correctly and also blurring out some of the extra background 'noise'.

In order to effectively position your subject, you'll want to follow photography's composition rule of thirds. This is the photog practice of dividing your pic into an invisible grid of horizontal and vertical lines. The main focal point of your subject should typically be at an intersection of these dividing lines or the entire subject be able to be spit into thirds. Focusing in closely or shooting in your camera phone's 'Portrait mode' (when available) will also help you sharpen your focal point and blur out the background noise in your shot.

strawberry picking image to show subject matter

Have a some fun with your Composition- Composition refers to the positioning of your subject, referenced previously, as well as everything else in your picture- the foreground, background, the lines, shapes and colors. A 'shallow-depth of field' or focusing in on your primary subject and achieving a purposeful blur in your background, can help rid your picture of noisy 'clutter'.

Too much going on in a picture can negatively distract viewers from your subject. Similarly, choose contrasting colors, backgrounds or props that will make your subject pop or stand out. Intentional lines and shapes, like in the photo here, that lead the observers eye to your subject can be very effective too. Everything should work together in tandem to achieve a post-worthy shot!

bottled water showing staging for photography

Staging is not only for real estate- Have a little fun with your shots, especially if you are shooting less entertaining product shots. The Acqua Panna water pictured here would be pretty plain and well, boring if the clear bottles were merely photographed on the white background.

Adding the simple garnishment and splash of color of the oranges elevates this translucent and drab subject matter to evoking a sense of tranquility and natural refreshment to viewers. Spice up your foodie shots with bright decorative tableware or stage a dinner party. It's all in what message you want to send your audience and what emotion you are trying to evoke.

stabilize your camera for optimal photography

Stabilize to avoid the haze- An unstable camera equals a blurry photo. It's the movement of your camera phone that causes those unsightly, burring trails in your pics. Ensure you stabilize your phone with a tripod or gimbal stabilizer accessory specific to camera phones.

If you don't have these fancy extras, don't worry you can stabilize your camera phone by simply resting your elbows on the surface you're shooting. Leaning on nearby objects, such as a fence or a tree are effective too. If shooting standing, you can also rest your elbows against your ribs to stabilize.

the importance of lighting in photography

Correct Exposure can make all the difference- Exposure refers to the amount of light let into your photographs. A good photo will have the right balance and contrast of dark and light. Professional digital photographers will also reference aperture and shutter speed when talking about having the right exposure, which is how fast or slow you are allowing your shutter to cover your lens, thus allowing more or less light into your photo.

Although, you do not have fancy shutters or as many settings with your camera phone, there are some things you can keep in mind to achieve optimal exposure. The photo seen here could be considered 'over-exposed' or having too much light.

When it comes to lighting in a picture, remember less is more. You can typically brighten photos more easily than you can darken them after the fact in editing. Also for optimal lighting, always remember to shoot with the sun at your back, rather than right, smack in front of you. Now, some of this is 'artistic-right' and can depend on the situation or be subjective to a photographic genius, but for the purpose of social product marketing, we want to stick with easily, distinctive subjects and simple, non-distracting backgrounds.

invalid image error example for poor image quality in photos

Ensure the right Upload Size- Nothing looks more unprofessional, than when your social media profile picture or cover photo are cut-off or distorted. This is typically due to the image file being too large or too small. Make sure your camera phone is on the highest resolution setting and you are closer to your subject, rather than zooming. You can always trim your images to be smaller without the quality being compromised, but rarely the other way around. Below, we have gathered some of the top social media sites specifications for uploading images to help you get started.

social media image specifications by top social platforms

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