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Authentic Influencer Marketing: Spotlight on One of Atlanta's Best

The extraordinarily talented, ever-so-zany, MEGA INFLUENCER-- Loren Rosko.

Mega-Influencer, singer, content creator and apparel co-owner, Loren Rosko

Creating a video of yourself applying a cosmetic product or trying on an outfit and giving your feedback, USED to be how simply one could be a 'social media influencer'. (Well, that and you have to have a credible baseline of followers in which to influence).

Social media influencers typically fall into tiers based on their audience size. Common tiers include the following five categories (Coursera 2023):

  • Mega influencers: One million+ followers

  • Macro influencers: 500,000 to one million

  • Mid-tier influencers: 50,000 to 500,000 followers

  • Micro-influencers: 10,000 to 50,000 followers

  • Nano influencers: Zero to 10,000 followers

Now in 2024 though, you have to have more than just an opinion on stuff and a couple of thousand followers. In order to stand out and be successful in today's competitive influencer industry, you MUST be authentic and entertaining. No one else knows this better than Atlanta's own hugely, successful mega-influencer, Loren Rosko.

Tik Tok mega influencer, Loren Rosko hits 1 million followers
2022: Rosko hit 1 million followers; Now she's at nearly 2 million

I had a chance to catch up with Atlanta's (if not THE WORLD'S) most authentic and entertaining influencer recently. Loren is so many things and we will get into all of them, but she is by far so successful because she is knows how to connect with her audience.

So, what makes Loren Rosko such a unique influencer and quite literally, someone that you and I regard so highly, that we would reach deep in our pockets for? She is not only intoxicatingly gorgeous, but refreshingly, self-deprecating and hilarious! Loren is also quite clever, both on and off the camera, as she is also an astute business woman-- did we mention that she is also a singer/songwriter and has her own clothing line? More on that later...

Before we go into more detail about Loren's mega-success as an influencer, let's establish what influence marketing is and how businesses and brands can utilize influencers effectively to generate revenue.

In a world where social media dominates our daily lives, influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their target audience. Consumers are not only sick of flat, static sponsored ads flooding their feeds, but they have become more intelligent and want to see real people using these products before they spend their hard-earned money on them.

However, as the social landscape evolves, so do the strategies needed to succeed in this extremely competitive space. In 2024, the key to effective influencer marketing lies in brands building authentic connections with both influencers and their followers.

Understanding the Current State of Influencer Marketing

In recent years, influencer marketing has exploded in popularity. It's success is due in part to the effects that COVID-19 had on the world--- the economy, the workforce and Hollywood. Pre-COVID, the majority of the U.S. workforce commuted into offices and the majority of brands leveraged Hollywood celebrities for their product endorsements.

Fast-forward to 2020 when COVID hit. The world was forced into global lockdown. Many brick-and-mortar businesses had to shut their doors. The pandemic was a paradigm-shifting catalyst that dramatically increased remote workers, freelancers (i.e. influencers) and product branding's reliance on e-commerce. It also greatly increased product branding's reliance on social media's 'digitally influential celebrities'; rather than your typical Hollywood A-listers.

TikTok has become the most popular platform for influencing with 69% of brands utilizing it. This is over Instagram at 47%, YouTube at 33% and Facebook at 28%. The majority of brand's goals from running these influencer campaigns being to create user-generated content (UGC) at 56% or to generate sales leads directly at 23% (Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2024).

With brands leveraging the reach and influence of social media personalities to promote their products or services, the expected growth in the influencer market is estimated to grow to $24 billion by the end of 2024 (Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2024). From Instagram to TikTok, influencers have become a driving force in consumer culture, shaping trends and billions of dollars in purchasing decisions.

However, with the rise of influencer marketing came challenges such as oversaturation and a lack of authenticity. Many consumers have become wary of sponsored content that feels forced or inauthentic. Our shrinking attention spans are exhausted by ads and have adapted to quickly scroll past most of them. This has lead to a growing demand for transparency and genuine connections.

The Shift Towards Authentic Partnerships

In response to these challenges, businesses are reevaluating their approach to influencer marketing, placing a greater emphasis on authenticity and meaningful connections. Rather than simply paying influencers for sponsored posts, brands are seeking to form genuine partnerships built on shared values and mutual trust.

Authenticity has become the currency of influencer marketing in 2024. Consumers crave genuine interactions and are more likely to engage with content that feels authentic and relatable. As a result, businesses are increasingly turning to micro-influencers and niche creators who have a more authentic rapport with their audience.

For this very reason, we want to showcase one of our favorite AUTHENTIC influencers here in Atlanta-- Loren Rosko. Loren is not only stop-in-your-tracks, drop dead, gorgeous, but she is also extremely witty and down-right silly! Most recently she's accepted the job of the main Damsel and star cabaret singer at Atlanta's new, Damsel-- the premier spot for sophisticated burlesque entertainment, gourmet food, carefully crafted cocktails and the new place to be in Atlanta! (Spoiler Alert: If you are a Jessica Rabbit fan, this spot is most definitely for you).

Loren Rosko's success as a mega-influencer can be attributed to several key factors:

Authenticity and Relatability

Loren Rosko is known for being authentic and relatable. Whether Rosko is doing an actual paid, product endorsement or making her own parody about a reality TV show, you're sure to get her real-life feelings about it. "I've never related more to anything", analese.j.spencer comments on an IG reel, one of Rosko's 102K followers on Instagram. She shares her real-life experiences-- no holds barred, challenges, and successes and adds her own zany-perspective, as an entertaining cherry on top!

Loren Rosko on Instagram

There are so many entertaining posts to choose from, but one of Rosko's most relatable posts is from October of 2023, captioned "Married life". Rosko's husband, Sean, came home with this shark onesie blanket, because he knew his wife was feeling anxious. (Rosko is a HUGE advocate for those with anxiety, as she openly and often talks about her own struggles with it). Not only is the shark onesie outrageously silly and cute, but she also adds the theme song from Disney's UP to the background (arguably the most sentimental song of all time) to give the viewer this super sweet, 'awe' feeling. All of this resonates with and wildly entertains Rosko's audience.

There are so many clever product promotion videos that Rosko does, but a couple that exemplify her sheer authentic-self are some of the vids for FitRadio. You can't help but giggle when you see Rosko cartwheeling with her big headphones or 'jogging', rather, with her husband in her 'me vs him with FitRadio' reenactment. Another one depicts what it must be like for her husband to come home and see her cleaning, while jamming out to her FitRadio. Rosko is dancing exaggeratively on her coffee table. I know 90% of women can relate to doing this exact thing when no on is home! This authenticity helps build a strong connection, trust and loyalty with Rosko's followers.

Consistent and High-Quality Content

Rosko produces high-quality content that is visually appealing and engaging, consistently. Two prerequisites to producing high-quality content are 1) having great lighting and 2) seamless, professional editing. Whether Rosko is filming at her home or in her car, like most influencers, she pays the utmost attention to her lighting and editing. All of her content i.e. photos, videos and stories, are well-crafted and tailored to her audience's preferences.

Strong Personal Brand

Loren has developed a strong personal brand that is easily recognizable. She has a clear niche and style, making her content distinct and memorable. Her brand reflects her personality, values, and interests, which attracts a loyal following. Whether Rosko is doing a product review or sharing some aspect of her personal life, she injects a piece of her vibrant personality into it. For example, if you are one of her almost 2 million avid followers on TikTok, then you know she is known to be outrageously funny and for speaking her mind, openly.

There is one video review she does for a Popilush Shaping Dress where she surprises the audience by lifting the dress up over her head yelling, "What's going on?!", within the first five seconds of the video! This to show the awesome shapewear that is built in to the dress itself. It's short and funny, but most of all, effective.

Effective Use of Social Media Platforms

She leverages various social media platforms effectively, each in a way that suits its unique features and audience. No matter the social profile, she tailors her content to fit the platform, maximizing engagement and reach.

Of course some of the content is the same, but she goes to great lengths to diversify between her profiles. For example, see the differences between her Instagram profile grid and her TikTok grid. Even though some of her videos are the same, she does a great job of editing them to ensure the cover images are different. This lends itself to giving the user the feeling they are in a different environment and wanting to follow both platforms. Rosko also has far more product endorsements on TikTok because of her involvement in the TikTok Shop.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

Loren collaborates with other influencers and brands strategically. These partnerships not only expand her reach, but also add value to her followers by introducing them to new and relevant products, services, or content. When I asked Loren to think of the best businesses or brands that she partners with and what she considers to be the best traits or qualities for a successful and authentic partnership to be, she said, "I love female-owned, small businesses. I also love products that solve a problem!" She added, "I love to work with brands that have similar values as me."

Engagement with Followers

She actively engages with her followers through comments, direct messages, and live interactions. This engagement helps build a community around her brand and fosters a sense of loyalty and belonging among her audience. Go check the comments on any of Loren's posts. Chances are you'll see her replying to most-- that's incredible and rare!

Staying Current and Relevant

Loren keeps up with trends and continuously adapts her content to stay relevant. She understands the dynamics of social media and how to maintain her relevance in a fast-paced digital world. One way she does this is simply by the music she selects to utilize in her videos. They are often popular, top-charting and resonate with her audience. Because she is a singer, she often does re-mixes of popular songs, but with her own Loren Rosko spin on it.

Loren is a social trend setter herself. Followers became obsessed with Loren's $3 sushi bowl and now there is a brigade of followers who coined and hashtag #TunaGirls because of it. Then you have Rosko's remix of @megan_boni's "Man in Finance" parody song. Except Rosko's is "IBS, Funny, ADD & Anxiety" (all of the things Rosko openly talks about and advocates for, so her audience goes wild for this-- dubbing it the #SongOfTheSummer)

Professionalism and Work Ethic

Behind the scenes, Loren is known for her professionalism and strong work ethic. She is dedicated to her craft, putting in the time and effort needed to plan, create, and distribute her content effectively. She wakes up before the sun some days, six to seven days a week and sometimes 12 to 14 hour days. She treats influencing as a serious job and not just a flighty hobby. Don't let her fool you, just because she is having so much fun!

In fact, when I originally contacted Loren for this article, I realistically anticipated that I may not get a response. To my surprise, she did respond. She was courteous, professional and also adhered to the time she gave me (even though it was between a seven hour photoshoot in the morning and her five hour shift at the cabaret).

Emotional Connection and Storytelling

Loren excels at storytelling, creating emotional connections with her audience. By sharing personal stories and experiences, she evokes emotions that resonate with her followers, making her content more impactful and memorable and thus trustworthy. There are so many examples of Rosko's unique and entertaining storytelling, but take a look at some of her #SchafApparel content and videos. This is Loren and her sister, Lindzey Shaffer's clothing apparel line created in support of Lindzey's stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis back in 2020. The clothing line not only represents breast cancer awareness, but also the idea of love over hate, being a fighter and also LGBTQ alliance. This story alone creates such a deep connection with so many, either fighting their own battles or watching loved ones fight.

There is no other more relatable, entertaining and emotionally-connecting content of Rosko's like her many 'Day in the Life of' or 'Real vs IG' posts. Peppered in between some of her more product promoting content are these pictures and videos of Rosko (and her husband mostly) showing you they are not just an insanely attractive couple, but also 'real' and funny! Whether it's her hideous, yet pee-your-pants, Gollum costume vid on TikTok or a drop-dead sexy pic of the couple on IG (but once you swipe you're met with 'the real' pic of not-so-flattering, but funny Rosko), you feel an instant connection with her! You want to go where she goes, shop where she shops and as many of her millions of comments say, "be her best friend!"

By leveraging the latest influencer marketing trends, Loren Rosko stays ahead of the game, experimenting with new formats, tools, and strategies. Loren Rosko's success as a mega-influencer is a result of her unwavering commitment to authenticity, strategic content creation, effective use of social media, strong personal brand, and more than anything maintaining a deep connection with her audience. This proactive approach keeps her content fresh and engaging, and ultimately will ensure she remains a leader in the influencer space.

Mega-Influencer, Loren Rosko
Mega-Influencer, Loren Rosko

How You can Forge Authentic Connections with Influencers

Identify the Right Influencers: Look beyond follower counts and focus on finding influencers whose values align with your brand. Does their personality align with your brand and the relatability of your audience? Also, consider factors such as engagement rates, audience demographics, and content quality.

Build Relationships: Invest time in building relationships with influencers before pitching collaborations. Engage with their content, participate in conversations, and demonstrate genuine interest in their work. This is genuine and authentic. This makes it easy to 'back your product' and get passionate about it. Don't just send your product to the influencer, blindly!

Embrace Transparency: Be transparent about sponsored content and ensure that influencers disclose their partnerships with your brand. Authenticity builds trust, and consumers appreciate transparency in influencer marketing. Don't forget, consumers are smart and can see through manipulation. And when they do, any and all loyalty is gone.

Collaborate on Meaningful Content: Instead of dictating every aspect of the collaboration, work collaboratively with influencers to create content that resonates with their audience, while aligning with your brand's messaging. Remember, you have chosen and invested in this influencer for that 'special star quality' they posses.

Measure Impact Beyond Metrics: While metrics such as reach and engagement are important, they only tell part of the story. Pay attention to qualitative feedback and sentiment to gauge the effectiveness of your influencer partnerships. After that, continue to evaluate and evolve. Rinse and repeat.

The Future of Influencer Marketing

As we look ahead to the future of influencer marketing, one thing is clear: authenticity will continue to be paramount. Businesses that prioritize building authentic connections with influencers and their audience will stand out in a crowded marketplace.

In 2024 and beyond, successful influencer marketing will be less about flashy endorsements and more about meaningful relationships. By forging authentic connections with influencers, businesses can effectively reach their target audience and drive meaningful engagement with their brand.

Curious about how to get your brand involved in influencer marketing? Feel free to reach out to us! We work in tandem with so many in the industry. We can help you get your products in the right influencer's hands who are aligned with your brand's target audience and values!

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